"Amor y ciencia, educar la mente y el corazón"

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An amazing writing experience:
Pen Pal Project

Pen Pal Project is a meaningful writing activity that empowers our fifth graders to express their likes, dislikes, spare time activities and invites them to state questions to their secret friends using what they are learning in our English class. To accomplish this activity our fifth grade students take into account models of friendly letters that were displayed in class. Later on, they write a draft in their notebooks and receive a feedback. They use a nickname to identify themselves. Then, the teachers ask them to write the final version. It has been identified that pen pal letter project develops creativity and enhances interest to write in a foreign language. Let´s watch what two fifth graders think about it.

By Fifth grade teachers

Students from the video:
Ana Lucia Guzmán 5B and Luisa Alejandra Neisa 5E